Electromagnetic Field Remediation

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Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs, occur both naturally and man-made. They are present everywhere in our environment, but as many things, such as radio waves, they are naked to the human eye.
An EMF can be likened to the smell of a freshly-picked lemon. The familiar fragrance of this yellow citrus emits an invisible aroma proven to recall time-cherished memories of a sanctuary of smiles. A piece of rotting cheese has the power to expel a most abhorrent stench - a radius of fifty feet may prove insufficient to escape it.
In both of these examples, our sense of smell is affected - either inviting a pleasant experience or warning us from potential harm - so EMFs can have a positive or negative effect on us, though unseen. The human body has an electromagnetic field that can be disrupted by the eletromagnetic fields of all electrical devices.

There are natural sources of electromagnetic fields which emanate from the earth. These natural radiations emitted by the earth are beneficial to man and, in fact, are necessary for his survival on the planet.
More natural electromagnetic fields are produced by the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms - we see these charges as lightning.
Many of earth's creatures, such as birds, bees, and fish, navigate according to the planet's electrical and magnetic field. In fact, it is earth's magnetic field which causes a compass needle to orient in a North-South direction.

All electronic devices emit EMFs. The electricity that comes out of every power socket has associated low-frequency EMFs. Plugging a wire into an outlet creates electric fields in the air surrounding the appliance. The higher the voltage, the stronger the field produced. Unfortunately, turning an appliance off does not mean turning off the electromagnetic field. Since the voltage can exist even when no current is flowing, the appliance does not have to be turned on for an electric field to exist in the room surrounding it.
All forms of wireless communications, such as cell phones, cell phone towers, WiFi, radar, TV/radio Broadcast Towers, satellite systems in space, and GPS tracking systems emit EMFs. But these EMFs are different. In order to be able to transmit information wirelessly, the waves fluctuate at a higher frequency. Higher-frequency radio waves are known as RF fields or microwave radiation. RF fields are used to transmit information over long distances and form the basis of telecommunications, as well as radio and television broadcasting, all over the world.

Electromagnetic changes in the environment can adversely affect the energy balance of the human organism and contribute to disease. As a general rule, EMFs generated by man-made technological devise or installations tend to be more harmful than naturally-occuring EMFs. While EMFs are part of nature and, in fact, are radiated by the human body and its individual organs, the quality and intensity of the energy in forming the contoured web can either support or destroy health. The frequency at which an EMF is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful.
EMF stress is a disruption of your metabolism by outside electromagnetic interferences. When EMFs penetrate the tissues of your body, they can disrupt a wide range of natural body functions, such as decreasing the ability of your immune system to fight off a virus, reduce the amound of enzymes your liver produces, or interfering with the production of yoru brain waves. In 1987, a large-scale study conducted by the New York State Department of Health, confirmed previous findings and added that it causes a reduction in the brain's production of melatonin. This neuro-hormone is an important antioxidant and immune system component.

Q-Tape is a brand new breakthrough in EMF remediation. It is made from a special metal alloy. It has been designed with a special adhesion that makes it easy to apply to any surface. Q-Tape can also be taken off of a surface fairly easily if it needs to be repositioned and then replaced. Q-Tape is very unusual in that it has highly-negative polarity; most metals have a net positive polarity. This makes Q-Tape the element to balance highly-polarized electrical currents which saturate all the walls of your home. To remediate the EMFs in the house, strategically place the tape at certain points in and around the home to restore a balanced polarity, protecting the EMF of each member of your household.

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